Q:  How long is the Winter season?
A:  November  through December. Practices will start on or about the first or second week in November.

Q:  When will the Spring season start?
A: Spring season runs February though May. Practice will start on or about
the first or second week in January.

President’s Day tournament for Pinto, Mustang, & Bronco: February (Presidents Day weekend).

Opening Day: February (Saturday following Presidents Day Tournament).  Mandatory for all teams/divisions.

Q:  Where are practices and games held?
A:  Practices and games are usually held at:

            Shetland Division:        Ainakoa field
Pinto Division:              Kahala and Petrie field
Mustang Division:        Kahala and Kilaues field
Bronco Division:          Wilson or Kapaolono field

In some instances, coaches will conduct practices at other fields.

Q:  How often are practices and games?
A:  Practices are usually twice a week.  The coach will determine which days and how

 Games are:

            Shetland Division: Saturdays
            Pinto Division: One weekday & Saturday      
            Mustang Division: One weekday & Saturday or Sunday
            Bronco Division: One weekday & Saturday or Sunday

Double headers may be scheduled on the weekends.

Q:  What does the league provide?
A:  For the Summer and Winter seasons, WKAC provides a shirt and cap.
For the Spring season, WKAC will provide the shirt, pants, cap, socks and belt.
Belts are only provided for the Pinto, Mustang, and Bronco divisions.

Q:  What is the equivalent size of YS, YM, YL, YXL?

A:        YS:     6-8
            YM:    10-12
            YL:     12-14
            YXL:   14 - 16

Q:  What do I need to purchase for my child?
A:  Your child will need a bat, glove, batting helmet, shoes, protective cup and water bottle.

Q:  What size bat will my child need?
A:  Length of bat is determined by placing the end of the bat (Knob) middle of your chest (Sternum) to the side or arms length and if the player is able to touch the end of the barrel with his middle finger it’s the appropriate length, if not the bat is too long.
    Weight of the bat is determined by holding the end of the bat palms down, to your side – shoulder length. If player is able to hold the bat out for 30 seconds with out shaking or dropping the bat then it’s the appropriate weight.

Q:  Do I need to provide a copy of my child’s birth certificate at registration?
A:  Yes, if your child has never played for the WKAC baseball league.

Q:  To whom do I make the check payable?
A:  Make checks payable to WKAC

Q:  Can my child play in an upper division?
A:   Will need coach’s recommendation and director’s and WKAC board approval.

Q:  Can my child play in a lower division?
A: Will need coach’s recommendation and director’s and WKAC board approval.

Q:  Is there a draft/try-outs?
A: Yes. There is a draft and tryouts for the Spring season for Pinto and Mustang divisions.

Q:  Can I request for a team?
A: No. The coaches and division directors create the teams and the team rosters
on the basis of returning players and new applicants.

Q:  Who can I contact should I have additional questions or comments?
A:  Please contact your division director.  You can find their email address in the Contact Info tab.