Saturday, November 25, 2017

WKAC - Park Safety

There have been 2 incidents that have happened in the past weeks.  Please read and change practices when your players and children go to the restrooms and play on the playgrounds.
Wilson ElementaryThere was an encounter at Wilson School on November 16th where an older man tried to grab a child. Fortunately the child ran away and called for help. 
Kahala Community ParkAt a baseball game there was an incident by the Men's Restroom at the pavilion.  There were three suspicious men that approached a youth baseball players in the men's restroom and asked him for specific personal information including name and where he lived.  Luckily a parent was there with the players as they went to the bathroom.  HPD was requested to investigate. After HPD was called the individuals left, but later returned again to the area. 
It is recommend that children have an adult escort while using the public restroom for safety.  While this happened at the men's restroom, females should also have an escort when heading to the restrooms. 
Please let your friends and family be aware of these recent incidents so they can keep their families safe.  If any other incidents occur please report it to HPD and the league so that we can continue to inform our community.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

WKAC Bat Standards & Changes

WKAC will be implementing the new bat standard starting January 2018.  

If you have questions please contact your WKAC Division Director.

Please click here to view the new bat standards.

USA Bat Standards

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hawaiian Hardball Survey

Hawaiian Hardball need your help as they plan to launch a new retail store, and wants to carry equipment our customers want.  If we could ask you to share with anyone you know who is involved with amateur baseball to take our short survey about baseball bat brands they prefer.  It’s only two questions and will take less than 10 seconds to complete and it will greatly appreciated!!!

Use the link below to access the survey: